Girl Child, who were you before the world told you who you should be?

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A social structure that arose about ten thousand years ago in which males came to be socialized to rule, lead, and own society and females as property. Females came to be socialized to submit, serve, and accept a secondary role in familial, religious, and social spheres.

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Put Your Pandemic Angst to Work

Though the pandemic has been unfolding and wreaking its havoc in varying degrees and timelines, we are all collectively emerging into a drastically different world than the pre-COVID-19 one we left behind a few months ago. Between the massive economic impacts and the more recent anti-racism protests and Confederate monuments being taken down, we are ...

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Learn about the Ancient Gendered Roots of Slavery in Our New Patriarchy “Splainer” Video – 10,000 Years Condensed into less than 5 Minutes!

The truth will set you free. ~ Jesus in John 8:32 (DARBY) In the spirit of truth telling, we have been busy working on a tool—a five-minute animated “splainer” video called “Understanding Our History of Patriarchy: What’s faith got to do with it?” – which we hope will add value to the larger gender justice ...

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“Flatten the Curve” of an Ancient Pandemic within the Pandemic: Gendercide

You cannot dismantle what you cannot see. You cannot challenge what you do not understand. ~ Layla F. Saad in Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor Living within and alongside both the global pandemic of COVID-19 and our world’s racial injustices is another oppression that is being ...

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