Learn about the Ancient Gendered Roots of Slavery in Our New Patriarchy “Splainer” Video – 10,000 Years Condensed into less than 5 Minutes!

Posted by on Aug 7, 2020

The truth will set you free. ~ Jesus in John 8:32 (DARBY)

In the spirit of truth telling, we have been busy working on a tool—a five-minute animated “splainer” video called “Understanding Our History of Patriarchy: What’s faith got to do with it?” – which we hope will add value to the larger gender justice ecoystem and help friends and partners like you tell the truth about the ancient patriarchal roots of slavery. We created this video in partnership with animator Ruben DeLuna and communications strategy firm Do Good Better, which has also been supporting us to reboot and upgrade this reading journey.

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“Flatten the Curve” of an Ancient Pandemic within the Pandemic: Gendercide

Posted by on Aug 6, 2020

You cannot dismantle what you cannot see. You cannot challenge what you do not understand. ~ Layla F. Saad in Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor

Living within and alongside both the global pandemic of COVID-19 and our world’s racial injustices is another oppression that is being laid bare: a deeply rooted misogyny, which is the fruit of an ancient social system called “patriarchy,” aka “male supremacy.” Because this form of human subjugation goes back millennia to the cradles of what we know as “modern civilization,” and because it is laced with so many traditional and sacred cows that make it appear virtuous and just the way things are, we have not yet as a society fully named patriarchy for what it truly is—the oldest, most enduring root of slavery. Patriarchy is where the human family first began normalizing the unnatural, immoral, and inhumane notion that one human being could own and subjugate another as property.

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Letter of Invitation

Posted by on Aug 1, 2020


We hope this finds you safe and healthy wherever you have been sheltering. If you are reading this, you may be a friend in the network of the Imago Dei Fund (IDF), the Institute for Faith and Gender Empowerment (IFAGE), and/or someone we have been in touch with about an initiative we piloted last year, and are relaunching this fall, called The Girl Child & Her Long Walk to Freedom: Putting Faith to Work Through Love to Break Ancient Chains.

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