Courageous Conversation: How do We Build a Better World for Girls?

Posted by on Mar 30, 2023

In this Courageous Conversation co-sponsored by Gender Equity and Reconciliation International (GERI), Hugo Sanchez and Silvia Araya-Fischer, PsyD, discussed what it looks like to grow up as a girl around the world and reflected on the work that is needed for gender equality on a global level. This conversation is mostly in Spanish and was facilitated by Girl Child Long Walk Senior Project Consultant Marie-Rose Romain Murphy.

More About Our Speakers and Partner

Hugo Sanchez is a GERI Facilitator based in New Jersey. He is a co-facilitator for the ManKind Project’s New Warrior Training Adventure, a yoga teacher, & Founder of Pacha Yoga. Hugo holds a BA in Communications from Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela.

Silvia Araya-Fischer, PsyD is a GERI Trainer and Consultant for Latin America. She earned her degree in Clinical Psychology from Universidad Fidélitas in Costa Rica, and practices as a Clinical Trauma Professional specializing in anxiety and panic attacks.

Gender Equity and Reconciliation International convenes groups of women and men, and people of all gender identities and expressions, to work closely together—not only to heal from the past, but also to begin re-writing the future of gender relations in the human family.