Courageous Conversations: From Broken Leaders to Servant Leaders

Posted by on Dec 24, 2022

Pathways to Healing and Gender Equality

We are following broken leaders. Too many have become “broken” due to the abuse and hardship they’ve experienced, cultural ideas they’ve embraced about power and control, fear of change, and bad theology.

But how do these broken leaders impact our society? And what does the journey to change look like?

In this Courageous Conversation facilitated by Girl Child Long Walk Senior Project Consultant Marie-Rose Romain Murphy, DAI’s Jane Overstreet and Michele Breene discuss the pathways to healing broken leaders—and how these pathways can help us build a better world for the Girl Child.

More About Our Speakers

Jane Overstreet is the president and CEO of Development Associates International (DAI), a nonprofit that provides training and consulting in leadership, management, and spiritual formation to more than 100,000 Christian leaders around the globe.

Michele Breene is a leadership coach with a background in executive consulting and a focus on healing and reconciliation work. She partners with Christian organizations through teaching, facilitating, mentoring, and spiritual direction.

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