Courageous Conversations: How Can the Power of Local Leadership Be Best Leveraged?

Posted by on Sep 22, 2023

In this Courageous Conversation, we explored how to best harness the transformative power of local leadership. Globally, there is a growing recognition that Global South community leaders, often labeled “local leaders,” hold the key to effective and sustainable systemic development. The experience of the participants of the Girl Child Long Walk Kenya Reading Journey illustrates the many reasons why. Hear stories from Assistant Chief Kathryn Ndunge Peter, Senior Chief Patrick Kisambo Muange, Senior Chief Salome Muthoki Manuna, and Assistant Chief Daniel Kivindyo. Marie-Rose Romain Murphy, Girl Child Long Walk Senior Project Consultant, facilitated the conversation.

More About Our Speakers

Kathryn Ndunge Peter is Assistant Chief, Kiu sub-location, Makindu location, Makueni County. Her passion is to make a positive impact on society, specifically by ensuring freedom for girls. Her painful experience after her parent’s separation motivates her to prevent girls from facing similar difficulties.

Patrick Kisambo Muange is Senior Chief, Kitise location, Makueni County. His passion is to use his position and influence in his community to ensure that girls receive equal opportunities and attention as boys. As a chief, he is committed to doing everything in his power to make this a reality.

Salome Muthoki Manuna is Senior Chief, Masii location, Machakos County. She is a strong advocate for the appointment of women as chiefs. She aims to ensure equitable inheritance for women and girls and is challenging the cultural norm where fathers exclude girls from their estate distribution. She pushes for girls to get a good education and creates pathways for their success.

Daniel Kivindyo is Assistant Chief, Manyoeni sub-location, Kaliku location, Kitui County. He aspires to pave the way for girls in his community to pursue their aspirations. He’s dedicated to utilizing local resources to support girls in completing their education. He aims to lead the charge for gender equality, ensuring justice for any girls or families affected by sexual abuse, and actively working to eliminate early marriages in his region.

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