Why did I not receive a welcome email?

If you are not already a member of the Girl Child Long Walk Hub, you should receive a welcome email upon completion of the registration form. Please be sure to check your spam folder.

Those who complete the registration form, but are already members of the Girl Child Long Walk Hub will not receive another welcome email. Please go to the Hub and login or use the Forgot Your Password to reset it, if necessary.

What is my username?

Your Hub username is listed in your welcome email received after registration. To ensure uniqueness, your username is NOT your email address, but is typically gclw.[email address], i.e. gclw.myemailaddress@whatever.com.

What is my password?

When you receive your welcome email, it will include a link to set your password. Once you have set it, please make note of it for future use.

If you have forgotten your password, please use the Forgot Your Password link at login. You will receive an email with a reset password link and instructions.