Learn about the Ancient Gendered Roots of Slavery in Our New Patriarchy “Splainer” Video – 10,000 Years Condensed into less than 5 Minutes!

Posted by on Aug 7, 2020

The truth will set you free.

~ Jesus in John 8:32 (DARBY)

In the spirit of truth telling, we have been busy working on a tool—a five-minute animated “splainer” video called “Understanding Our History of Patriarchy: What’s faith got to do with it? – which we hope will add value to the larger gender justice ecoystem and help friends and partners like you tell the truth about the ancient patriarchal roots of slavery. We created this video in partnership with animator Ruben DeLuna and communications strategy firm Do Good Better, which has also been supporting us to reboot and upgrade this reading journey. 

Please watch this video, share it, let it connect with your humanity, and help you cultivate an intersectional lens as you continue to do your part to mend and repair our hurting world. Let it help you see more of the ways in which gender-based and race-based supremacy systems continue to create interlocking oppression and harm in our world, which we need to bravely name and work to deconstruct.

What is yours to do to create the more just and free world we all seek for the human family?