Thank you in advance for your time and answers to the following questions.

Survey - Participant Post-Reading Journey
2. Age Range
3. Sex
4. Religious Affiliation
5. How much has the reading journey increased your understanding of systemic global gender issues?
6. How likely are you to increase your engagement in gender issues in your own personal sphere of influence, e.g., where you live, work and/or worship?
11. What % of the reading were you able to complete?
12. If you did not fully complete the reading journey, please let us know why (please mark all that apply).
13. Were you in a facilitated reading journey group?
14. Journey Hub tool
15. Journey Hub usage
16. Did you participate in an orientation session?
Was the orientation session helpful?
17. Outside of the Journey Hub, level of communication from the Girl Child Team
19. Were you aware of the Journey Team commitment (meeting at least once/month for six months) when you started?
20. Reading journey pace
21. If you did not participate in two or more of your six Journey Team discussions, please let us know why not (mark all that apply).
23. Level of communication from your Journey Team facilitator (GCLW Fellow)
24. Were you a Journey Team facilitator (GCLW Fellow)?
25. Would you be interested in being a reading journey facilitator next year?
26. Would you recommend the reading journey to someone?
27. Would you be willing to give us a testimony about your reading journey experience?
28. Would you be willing to help us promote the reading journey?
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