We have compiled the following infographics, video translation, action maps, and past Girl Child Long Walk newsletters to help you on your journey to understanding the roots of patriarchy, and how we can liberate ourselves from this oldest oppression.


Download all of our infographics here.

The challenges faced by the Girl Child are many and, though they look different, have shared themes around the world. Please feel free to download and share this infographic, which highlights important data about the status of girls and women globally.

Women and girls have made tremendous strides toward achieving equal human rights, yet there remains much more for us all to do. Why aren’t we there yet? What’s going on here? Learn more about the reality, opportunities, and standing of women and girls globally:

The Girl Child project is fortunate to include a range of experts as advisors. These leaders and their organizations offer research, workshops, and stories that can help you and your community create the world that our girls deserve.


Our short explainer video, Understanding Our History of Patriarchy: What’s Faith Got to do with it?, is currently available in the following languages:

Would translation and cultural adaptation of Understanding Our History of Patriarchy support gender equality in your community? Are you able to play a role in creating a translated version of the video? If so, please complete this form — we would love to hear from you!

Action Maps

The Girl Child reading journey increases awareness of the ways that patriarchy oppresses and diminishes our human potential. Now we offer you the opportunity to chart your own path towards collective liberation from the tyranny of patriarchy. With the Girl Child at the center of growing ripples of water, reflecting the unique and far-reaching impact of each individual action in the slow and steady work of taking on patriarchy, an “action map” emerges to help clear the path towards putting your learning into practice. They are offered in the following formats:

You may learn more at the blog post “Now What?” The Girl Child Action Maps.


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