The Journey Continues…

Posted by on Jun 22, 2022

Friends on the Journey, if you are looking for a next step on your ongoing journey of liberation from the many layers of patriarchal religion, we offer these two summer opportunities hosted by partners in the space. Take a look at these and see if either one feels like it is calling your name. If you are interested in participating with a small cohort from within the Girl Child Long Walk community, we are happy to offer a group discount to either of these. Contact us if you have any questions about either offering and consider inviting a friend to join you!

Healing the Divide: MeToo to WeTogether
July 2 – August 13, 2022
A 7-week journey meeting once per week on Saturdays

$250 reduced to $100 with code GIRLCHILD (if this cost is prohibitive, please let us know and we will try to work something out)

Join us for this interactive and experiential 7 week online course with Gender Equity & Reconciliation International (GERI). Developed over 30 years, and conducted with thousands of participants on six continents, the GERI process applies principles of Truth and Reconciliation to open new pathways to healing, respect, intimacy and collaboration between the genders.

This course creates a safe forum where we can awaken a deeper empathy and understanding and begin to discover practical pathways towards healing and transforming our relationships. Together we can begin to re-form relations between women and men, and all people, without blame or shame, and move through the often unspoken, unconscious attitudes, fears and reactions around gender and sexuality, to reclaim the mutual harmony and reverence that is our birthright.

Join us and embark upon a new form of spiritual healing and reconciliation work that builds trust and compassionate communication through a skillful combination of interactive activities, spiritual practice, and transformative group process.

A Sophia Journey: From Confusion to Clarity 
July 12 – August 16, 2022
A 6-week journey meeting once per week on Tuesdays

$299 reduced to $100 with code GIRLCHILD (which includes a copy of the book — if this cost is prohibitive, please let us know and we will try to work something out)

Join a group of women seeking their own inner wisdom with a six-week course—From Confusion to Clarity: A Sophia Journey—based on the book Sophia Rising. We meet weekly on Zoom & the course includes both a digital & print copy of the book. This is the perfect class for someone from a traditional religious background (in particular Christian) who is in a deconstruction process. If you are a woman who has felt disconnected from your sacred essence—from your own inner wisdom & your wise body—there is a reason for that (patriarchy) and there is a way out. Let’s find it together.