Why We Launched the Hub: Accessibility, Community, and Convenience

Posted by on Oct 19, 2022
The Girl Child Long Walk Hub: a new free app

This year, we celebrated International Day of the Girl Child by launching a brand-new app into the world! It’s called the Girl Child Long Walk Hub, and it is available for free on iPhone and Android devices.

But why the Hub? Why now? As our ever-curious Girl Child would say: What’s going on here?

The Hub is accessible

We created the Hub in direct response to the desire for lower-bandwidth access to the reading journey materials and to support more robust digital community engagement and conversation. Which is to say: we are continuing to pursue our goal of making the Girl Child & Her Long Walk to Freedom: Putting Faith to Work through Love to Break Ancient Chains accessible to a global audience.

In addition to providing an easy-to-access place to engage with all of the reading journey chapters and chapter summaries (at any time of the year!), the Girl Child Long Walk Hub offers:

  • Opportunities for dialogue and discussion in community with participants from around the world, as we explore together the ancient roots of patriarchy and the path to liberation found through faith
  • Access to special events, including our Courageous Conversations series, designed to tackle difficult subjects and personal stories with support, care, curiosity, and community
  • Regular and facilitated reading journey conversations
  • Notifications for new events and community conversations, and support for tracking progress on the reading journey

The Hub encourages community

Our hope is that the change from a cohort-based model to a self-paced exploration will encourage new readers to engage with our free e-book. But as you can glean from the list above, the Hub has much more to offer. We are particularly excited about the Community tab, where our dozens of members have already begun to share introductions, ideas, and encouraging updates. They’d love for you to join the conversation!

The Hub is convenient

Want to learn more about the Hub? Check out our video walk-through of the app and its key features below!

Curious to see it in action? Sign up and download the app today!