Women’s Aspirations & Ambitions — What is real and what is socially constructed?

Posted by on Dec 12, 2023

In 2004, Anna Fels wrote an article in Harvard Business Review posing the question, do women lack ambition? Research shows that when women are young (when they are girls), they have big dreams that they often relinquish because of our society’s expectations and the pressure to conform to traditional gender roles.

We talk with three women from the United States, Pakistan and Kenya about their dreams, journeys, struggles and ambition.

Gabrielle Apollon
New York City, United States
Haitian Immigrant Rights Project Director, NYU School of Law’s Global Justice Clinic. She coordinates the recently launched Hemispheric Network for Haitian Migrants’ Rights.

Kate Kiama
Nairobi, Kenya
Director of Programs and Impact, She’s The First. She is passionate about addressing social injustices that affect adolescent girls and women.

Themrise Khan
Independent Development Professional and Researcher who writes and speaks on notions of national autonomy, North-South power imbalances in development, race relations and immigrant citizenship and integration.

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